Americal Legacy Foundation


Thank you for visiting our site and inquiring more about the unique history of the Americal (23rd) Infantry Division and its legacy foundation.

Our purpose is to perpetuate the legacy of the Americal (23rd) Infantry Division in a variety of activities to preserve the division’s important historical legacy. Our initial activities are the construction of monuments and markers about the division which inform Americans about the unique story of this remarkable division. Portions of the Americal Division were the first Army infantry units to engage the enemy in WWII. The Americal is the only Army Division to have a name and not a number. In both times it was activated for war, the division was formed from a previously organized Task Force.

Our activities also include the acquisition, production, preservation and distribution of historical documents, records and effects, the support of literary works, the arts and sciences, museums and educational institutions and the advance of educational opportunities for scholars, all as they pertain to the Americal (23rd) Infantry Division.


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Americal Division Veterans Association (ADVA)

The ADVA is dedicated as a LIVING MEMORIAL to all veterans of the Americal Division. It is pledged to foster true American patriotism, provide social and fraternal activities for all members, encourage allegiance to the United States and to its flag, and to perpetuate the traditions and history of the Americal Division of the United States Army.

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