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The Americal Division (23rd Infantry Division) was formed from elements of Task Force Oregon in Chu Lai, Southern First Corps, Republic of South Vietnam on 26 September 1967. The division, although designated as the 23rd Infantry Division, was most often referred to as the Americal Division in keeping with its jungle fighting lineage from World War II.

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AMERICAL magazine-  The Americal Division published a magazine with the title AMERICAL once each quarter beginning May 1968.  The division was activated from Task Force Oregon in September 1967 and was deactivated in November 1971.  An index of AMERICAL issues by month of publication is available below.

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DTOC Logs-  The Americal Division recorded the minute-by-minute activities of the units in the division in a log (journal) at the Division Tactical Operations Center (DTOC) in Chu Lai.  Photocopies of DTOC logs were obtained by ADVA Vietnam Historian Les Hines and other historical researchers. Credit is due for the tremendous effort by Bruce Flaherty and Larry Swank in obtaining the Division TOC reports from the National Archives as well as the equally daunting efforts of the team headed by Conrad Geibel and John Boyer.  They spent years of effort before we could get to this point (100% done as of August 1, 2018).

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Americal Division News Sheets - Beginning in May 1968 the Americal Division published numerous news sheets and distributed them to members of the division.  The news sheets were published under the name Southern Cross. A selection of these news sheets are now available for your your viewing.

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Americal resupply helicopter climbs fast to avoid ground fire after resupplying soldiers on the ground (Photo: Robert Richardson)


Americal armored personnel carriers on a sweep operation west of Landing Zone Gator in the Chippewa Valley (Photo: Robert Richardson)


155mm Howitzer at Americal Fire Base Fat City – Vietnam (Photo: Robert Richardson) 


Soldiers reorganize after combat assault to commence a search and clear operation west of Chu Lai (Photo: Robert Richardson)

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