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DTOC Logs-  The Americal Division recorded the minute-by-minute activities of the units in the division in a log (journal) at the Division Tactical Operations Center (DTOC) in Chu Lai.  Photocopies of DTOC logs were obtained by ADVA Vietnam Historian Les Hines and other historical researchers. Credit is due for the tremendous effort by Bruce Flaherty and Larry Swank in obtaining the Division TOC reports from the National Archives as well as the equally daunting efforts of the team headed by Conrad Geibel and John Boyer.  They spent years of effort before we could get to this point (100% done as of August 1, 2018).


Transcriptions of these logs were created to facilitate easier access as they are searchable in most .pdf readers.  The DTOC logs are transcribed in editions covering one month at a time and may be 100 to 150 pages in length.  The links below cover the indicated months. More months will be added when transcription is complete.  Below is an index of DTOC Logs that are now available.  They are sorted by year and month in ascending order.


October 1967 DTOC Log

November 1967 DTOC Log

December 1967 DTOC Log


January 1968 DTOC Log

February 1968 DTOC Log

March 1968 DTOC Log

April 1968 DTOC Log

May 1968 DTOC Log

June 1968 DTOC Log

July 1968 DTOC Log

August 1968 DTOC Log

September 1968 DTOC Log

October 1968 DTOC Log

November 1968 DTOC Log

December 1968 DTOC Log


January 1969 DTOC Log

February 1969 DTOC Log

March 1969 DTOC Log

April 1969 DTOC Log

May 1969 DTOC Log

June 1969 DTOC Log

July 1969 DTOC Log

August 1969 DTOC Log

September 1969 DTOC Log

October 1969 DTOC Log

November 1969 DTOC Log

December 1969 DTOC Log


January 1970 DTOC Log

February 1970 DTOC Log

March 1970 DTOC Log

April 1970 DTOC Log

May 1970 DTOC Log

June 1970 DTOC Log

July 1970 DTOC Log

August 1970 DTOC Log

September 1970 DTOC Log

October 1970 DTOC Log

November 1970 DTOC Log

December 1970 DTOC Log


January 1971 DTOC Log

February 1971 DTOC Log

March 1971 DTOC Log

April 1971 DTOC Log

May 1971 DTOC Log

June 1971 DTOC Log

July 1971 DTOC Log

August 1971 DTOC Log

September 1971 DTOC Log

October 1971 DTOC Log

November 1971 DTOC Log


Americal resupply helicopter climbs fast to avoid ground fire after resupplying soldiers on the ground (Photo: Robert Richardson)


Americal armored personnel carriers on a sweep operation west of Landing Zone Gator in the Chippewa Valley (Photo: Robert Richardson)


155mm Howitzer at Americal Fire Base Fat City – Vietnam (Photo: Robert Richardson) 


Soldiers reorganize after combat assault to commence a search and clear operation west of Chu Lai (Photo: Robert Richardson)

Larger views of all images can be seen in our Gallery

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