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Vietnam War Operational Reports-Lessons Learned-  Operational Reports-Lessons Learned (ORLL) were created approximately each calendar quarter during the Vietnam War. They often consist of several hundred pages and give a variety of details about the activities of Task Force Oregon and the Americal Division (23d Inf. Div.). The following is a listing of ORLLs for the given peroids.  Now under construction.


April 1967 TFO .doc**April 1967 TFO .pdf

July 1967 TFO .doc**July 1967 TFO .pdf

October 1967 .doc**October 1967 .pdf****October 1967 (Support Command) .doc

January 1968 .doc**January 1968 .pdf

April 1968 .doc**April 1968 .pdf

July 1968 .doc**July 1968 .pdf

October 1968 .doc**October 1968 .pdf

January 1969 .doc**January 1969 .pdf

April 1969 .doc**April 1969 .pdf

July 1969 .doc**July 1969 .pdf</p9

October 1968 .doc**October 1969 .pdf

January 1970 .doc**January 1970 .pdf

April 1970 .doc**April 1970 .pdf

July 1970 .doc**July 1970 .pdf</p9

October 1970 .doc**October 1970 .pdf

April 1971 .doc**April 1971 .pdf

October 1971 .doc**October 1971 .pdf




Americal resupply helicopter climbs fast to avoid ground fire after resupplying soldiers on the ground (Photo: Robert Richardson)


Americal armored personnel carriers on a sweep operation west of Landing Zone Gator in the Chippewa Valley (Photo: Robert Richardson)


155mm Howitzer at Americal Fire Base Fat City – Vietnam (Photo: Robert Richardson) 


Soldiers reorganize after combat assault to commence a search and clear operation west of Chu Lai (Photo: Robert Richardson)

Larger views of all images can be seen in our Gallery

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