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The 2017 Americal Legacy Foundation Calendar delivered to members of the Americal Division Veterans Association in December 2016.  Additional copies are avalable through the Store on this website.


Ft. Sill Monument Completed

By Gary L. Noller; October 11, 2016

The Americal Division monument at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma is complete as of September 15, 2016.  Americal Legacy Foundation president Roger Gilmore inspected the completed monument and accepted it on behalf of veterans of the Americal Division.  The monument is located at Constitution Park adjacent to the artillery museum.   A formal acceptance ceremony is expected to take place by mid-2017.


OCS Class Monument at Ft. Benning

By Roger Gilmore;  July 26, 2016

The Foundation’s most recent monument fundingwas a grant of $500.00 towards a monument placement at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Army Officer Candidate School (OCS) class 509-68 was commissioned on August 5, 1968. Most were sent to fight in the Vietnam War. One of the classes Tactical Officers (Instructor), a helicopter pilot, served with the Americal Division in Vietnam and was shot down. His body was never recovered.

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Fort Sill – Americal Artillery Monument

By Roger Gilmore;  July 27, 2016

Construction work started on the Fort Sill, Oklahoma Americal Artillery monument project in July 2016. The Lawton, Oklahoma concrete contractor Boyles Contracting did the initial excavation work for the concrete pad and poured concrete for the sub foundations that support the era pedestals located at the back of the pad. We were advised by the monument company, Willis Granite, that we will see a slight delay in completing the carving work for the era pedestals. Some minor imperfections were found on the back side of one of the pieces of granite. The foundation decided to have Willis Granite replace the two granite pieces with a better grade of stone. The replacement stone has been reordered and we expected the finished pedestals to be ready for placement on the sub foundations in September.



Design unveiled for Ft. Sill Monument

By Roger Gilmore; May 1, 2016

With the formal approval from the U.S. Army now in hand the Americal Legacy Foundation is happy to release an artist's rendition of the memorial monument.  A portion of the monument is depicted above.  Included in the monument is a complete listing of all artillery units that served under the Americal Division (23rd Infantry).






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Americal Division Veterans Association (ADVA)

The ADVA is dedicated as a LIVING MEMORIAL to all veterans of the Americal Division. It is pledged to foster true American patriotism, provide social and fraternal activities for all members, encourage allegiance to the United States and to its flag, and to perpetuate the traditions and history of the Americal Division of the United States Army.

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